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Posted by Karina Sher on November 13, 2017 at 11:35 AM



"I went to see Karina for a reading as I know how trustworthy and caring she is. To begin with I did feel a little nervous as the whole process was new to me. Karina instantly put me at ease. To begin with she described to me that she could see countryside and fields. Unknown to Karina this described perfectly to me my dads final resting place. My main reasons for a reading was to get some guidance on issues relating to my pregnancy. The first card that I was shown related to pregnancy or new life. While this shocked me I was also a little bit in awe. I had not gone into great detail why I wanted a reading so this was great to see. The messages that Karina gave to me have helped me make some difficult decisions that I probably wouldn't have had the courage to do before. As a result I believe I am in a lot happier place now and looking forward to my new life with my son. I can not recommend Karina highly enough. An extremely kind hearted lady with an exceptional gift. Thanks Karina you will never know how much that reading meant to me."

- Katie Calvert


"Karina's reading of my past was scarily accurate, presenting the problems I had with being bullied, the pain caused by my father, previous heartbreaks and the circumstances of my current relationship. I would recommend a reading with Karina, but prepare for the past to be dug up. In terms of the guided meditation we did afterwards, I felt cleansed of bad feeling."

- Thomas Clark


"I am always quite skeptical when it comes to readings and quite defensive as this type of thing conflicts with my belief system but the girl was accurate and she picked up on a lot of things which no one could have known. I have asked to not have my name put on there for privacy reasons but she has one exceptional gift and it has made me a lot more curious about the concept of afterlife as that pendulum was swinging away and there was no apparent force from her hand."

- Client


"She described two people that have passed on, one was my step mother and the other was my grandfather. She got everything right when it came to my current relationship. She pin pointed specific things that I was quite amazed at that she could not have known. Just wow! Great reading Karina, I have always believed in afterlife but this confirmed it for me."

- Client



"Karina has done a few readings in the past. There is something very spiritual and intuitive about her readings. They always reveal something in my life be it past, present or future. She is always able to pick up on feelings without me leading her to her conclusions. A gifted and lovely lady x"

- Abi Masih


"It was totally correct...thank you so much dear"

- Gakul Swargiary


"I am a little freaked out. That was a bit too spot on haha! There were specific things that no one knows about that you got pretty much straight away. I am a bit lost for words K."

- Client


"Absolutely brilliant. It was emotional to say the least but I like that I barely spoke and you pretty much did all the talking so I didn't let on anything. You got so much right and it's helped me see things from a different perspective certainly. I am a skeptic about these things and I won't pretend I thought it would be like a horoscope thing but this is on a different level. You really delved into some things that to me, no one really knows about. To get an argument right and describing the surroundings when it was only me and that person there is pretty overwhelming. Getting things about personal things right that I haven't even told people close to me about. It has made me rethink a lot about the concept of afterlife. I will be researching a lot more on afterlife and metaphysics I think as this has opened up my curiosity and I am eager to find out more. Wow well done Karina! A true gift!

- Client


"Not only are Karina's readings always 110% accurate, she always gives sound advice and guidance which is always positive and constructive. I would not have been able to pull through many of my difficult situations and obstacles without Karina's beautiful gift and her beautiful soul."

- Nisha


"I wasn't sure whether to have one or not as I am not really a believer in these kind of things. Completely accurate and about specific things that no one could have known about. Wasn't vague, there were things described to me which had happened that morning. Yes. There is definitely something in this and it has awakened curiosity to metaphysical ideology. Thanks Karina, great reading. Great gift."

- Client


"Fantastic reading, well done and really impressed to the content and detail without me saying anything until the end"

- Client


"Spot on with that"

- Client


"I'm so glad I took your advice from the reading, things are happening like you said they would."

- Client


"Just how did you know that? Blown away. That's really specific too. No one could have known that! You got the name right too. You have a gift, that's for certain."

- Client

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