Why Life Coaching?

Do you often feel like you have too much stress, not able to reach your goals, feeling overwhelmed with problems and feel your mind is chaotic?

Life coaching helps you unravel what you want to happen to help you make decisions and actions towards your goals.

The aim and objective of life coaching is to assist people to move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give them the life they really want.

By having a life coach, it takes all the chaos inside your head and organizes it into goal setting with the intention of creating the life you deserve and want. 

Karina Sher has been helping people all throughout her life, firstly studying counselling at University Of Leicester, later to complete a Counselling and CBT Certificate, Psychology Diploma and a Life Coaching Diploma as well as a Neuroscience Certificate.

These combination of skills have assisted her in inspiring many people and as a result have come to her for advice, hence the birth of her own business in the life coaching field. 


"I felt as if you completely understood where I was at, what things I needed to focus on, how to get the job done.  I feel as if I can trust in my coach and I really enjoyed the session"

- Client

"Since working with you, I have felt I am capable of reaching goals and I felt as if I was listened to and cared for which I haven't felt with others.  I am enjoying the homework and although I have a lot of goals, I am confident I will achieve with Karina's help"

- Client 
Life Coaching Process:

1.  Personal Evaluation: 

This is about evaluating what it is you actually want from life in one or more areas in your life.  I asses background and current situation.

2. Defining Goals:

This is about setting the goals you want to happen

3.  Identifying Objectives:

This is about what is the objective of your goal, what do you want to happen as a result of this goal?

4.  Develop Action Plan:

With your life coach you will aim to set up an action plan on how to obtain that goal which will include a diary system.  

5. Complete Steps:

There will be tasks your life coach will set you to do until the next session. This will help you reach each step towards your goal. Karina will also provide you with a mood diary along with homework until the next session.  This is to ensure that you are carrying out the tasks set and looking at any obstacles in your way in terms of emotional response.

6.  Achieve Goal:

Once you have completed your goal, you will now feel a sense of achievement, happiness and will gain that confidence to realize that every goal is achievable if you work hard for it.

Meditation Sessions:

Karina also is happy to do guided meditation sessions for people who are stressed.

It is a guided meditation to help people to concentrate on releasing any negative energy or stress they may be experiencing.

Guided meditation is a tool to heal subconscious from trauma for example.


Karina also does readings for people online, face to face or on phone.  So far readings have been accurate and they have helped people along their journey. 

Massage/Hollistic Therapy:

Karina also provides massage, reiki and crystal therapy for those who require it.  

If you would like to to inquire further, please don't hesitate to contact her by e-mailing her here or complete the below form. 

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